Do you like my sexy ass in blue, baby?

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Another day, another session of appreciation for Jolene's panty-clad ass. This bad girl has some hot underwear and she's more than willing to share it with you.
What, you like staring at my ass? You like how it looks? Well baby, don't just sit there and look at it without acting. You've got a rock hard cock and I want you to jerk it off while you stare at my ass. I'm not going to move an inch until you blow a load, so the sooner you start, the sooner I can get back to dressing myself.
Stroke it nice and slow for me. I want you to have a full-body orgasm when it eventually comes. Just focus on my hot ass and the way these sexy blue panties frame them. Do you like French knickers? I think that girls with butts like mine should wear them more. Let me count you down baby, I want to be in control of when you blow that load.
- Jolene

You like my tiny little panties, don’t you?

Cheyenne Jewel Brunette Big Ass Polka Dot Panties Porn Video Tube Jerk Off Encouragement Thong

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Cheyenne Jewel got her hands on some polka dot lingerie and she's modeling it for you. Those panties are tiny and seeing them turns you on so much.
Do you like my polka dot lingerie? Of course you do - I can tell by your face and that massive bulge in your pants. Well maybe you should get that dick out and start to jerk it for me. There's no reason for you to sit there and not enjoy this little tease I'm offering up if you don't get to cum at the end of it.
While you're jerking that dick looking at my panties, I should probably turn around for you and show what's going on behind. That's it, this thing is riding so far up my ass crack you can see both peachy cheeks in all of their glory. Wow, you're really loving this aren't you? Must be the fact that you love seeing me in polka dot underwear so much.
- Cheyenne Jewel

I want to show off for you tonight, baby

Samantha Grace Lace Thong Panties Panty Sniffing POV JOI Porn Video Tube

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Samantha Grace knows that you love it when she dresses like this. She has a great striptease planned for you today, so get on over and enjoy the view.
Hey you. How about you come in and sit down so I can show you what I'm wearing. It's a full-body see-thru nylon outfit along with a sexy black thong that is going to drive you crazy. I'm going to give you a view from the back and then offer you something very, very special. You're going to love it.
Here you go - let me take these panties off to give to you. I want you to keep stroking that dick of yours with one hand while the other grabs onto them and sniffs this thong. Get a good wiff of this pussy and how amazing it is. Just think about how incredible my pussy must be to leave such an amazing scent. I can tell that sniffing my panties really turns you on. How about you cum for me now?
- Samantha Grace

These white lacy panties make my ass look amazing

Kandii Kiss Big Ass Lace Panties Brunette Porn Video JOI Babe Jerk Off Encouragement Tube

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She knows what you're looking at and she knows what you want. Kandii Kiss is going to tease you like there's no tomorrow because she knows you love panties.
You want a nice face full of my ass, don't you? You'd just love it if I slipped out of these jean shorts and came over there to stick my butt right up against your face. I'm wearing white lacey panties that make my ass look so good too - I doubt you'd be able to contain yourself.
Are you stroking your cock right now? I bet you are. You just want to get a look at my panties and ass before you blow your load. Well how about I tease you while I'm in these little shorts and slide them off before giving you exactly what you want. Just imagine that my panties are wrapped around your shaft while you jerk it - that soft, silky feeling on your shaft would be amazing!
- Kandii Kiss

I know my sexy panties are making you hard

Jolene Porn Jerk Off Encouragement Tube Video Brunette Thong Panties JOI

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Jolene has been teasing you with that tight body for the last few days. Is the fact she's wearing your favorite panties a sign she's going to take things to the next level?
Oh, it seems as if you're looking at me. I bet you're thinking about getting your dick deep inside this beautiful woman, aren't you? These gorgeous panties I'm wearing must turn you on so much. Don't pretend like they're not your favorite. I've seen you snooping around my panty drawer trying to find them.
I bet you'd love nothing more than for me to kick these panties off and toss them at you so you can blow your load into them. Are you masturbating while watching me? Oh my god, you really are a little pervert! I guess it only makes sense for me to count you down. After all, I should be in control of when you cum thinking about fucking me in my cute panties.
- Jolene

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